Where to start?

Each person has their own idea of what a great cannabis experience is. Our goal is to help you find yours.

We're going to start by examining what makes a great cannabis experience. We have developed a series of questions, referred to as the 5 Ws, which are intended to help you consider your goals.

There are no wrong answers, these questions are meant to help guide you to an enjoyable and intentional encounter.

Why are you consuming? Decide what effects you're looking for from your cannabis.

Think about your intention to guide your experience. It is beneficial to consider why you want to enjoy cannabis. Having this clear in your mind will help ensure that you are open to experiencing the benefits that you seek.

Being mindful can help you resist the urge to let other thoughts and distractions get in the way.This kind of focus can help to quickly identify effects that are desirable so that you can repeat or refine your experience.

Another benefit to having an intention is that you can guide your experience in a way you find desirable. Focusing on your intent helps you enjoy those parts of the experience.

Who are you with? How much cannabis might you need.

The company with which you imbibe has a very large influence over your experience. This should be considered relative to your intention.

Consuming cannabis can be a solitary activity, leading into introspection and healing, but it is important to identify your intent (see ‘Why’) to avoid using habitually.

Consuming cannabis can also be a social activity. When you choose to partake in a group, your partner or a close friend, it is ideal to have a similar intent, although not required.

Where are you? Ensure surroundings are comfortable and safe.

Being attentive to where you are physically, along with your identified intention, will help lead you to the greatest benefits that cannabis has to offer you. Ensuring your surroundings are appropriate for your safety and comfort allow you to focus on the experience at hand.

Your location also needs to be considered when deciding on the appropriate method to partake. Some people may not be comfortable smoking inside, but feel differently towards a vaporizer due to the comparatively low odour.

When do you have to be somewhere? Planning will alleviate stress and surprises.

The best way to ensure that you have a great experience is by planning. Alleviating yourself from the stress and panic of surprises allows you to concentrate on the experience. For example, if you need to be clear headed in 3 hours, edibles would be a poor choice due to how long the effects can last.

It is important to ensure that you are enjoying your cannabis responsibly. A big part of responsible use is also ensuring others around you are safe. An odour-resistant and locking case is vital in keeping your kit private and protected. Knowing that all of your gear is stored and locked away from small hands and paws has a large gains for your tranquility.

Having a complete set of all supplies ready helps you concentrate on the experience without interruption. Keeping your supplies clean and well maintained ensures that you get the best possible flavour every time.

What method? Select the appropriate way to consume based on the above.

Your responses to the other 4 Ws will help guide you towards your ideal consumption methods.

With advanced planning you know when you need to be sober to move on to your next responsibility. By taking this into consideration you can choose a method that is appropriate. For example, if you need fast acting effects, vaporizing would be a good choice.

Your ‘Why’ helps guide your experience. It helps you decide what effects you’re looking for from your cannabis. For example, you may choose to eat your cannabis in order to have the effects last a long time.

Who is joining you in this experience may dictate your choice in device. If you have a group you may want a desktop vaporizer which is better suited to sharing.

Ensuring that your surroundings are appropriate for your consumption method may ease anxiety and enhance your experience. Where you are consuming may lead you to choose a low odour option such as a portable vaporizer.


Vaporizing Eating Smoking

Smell During Consumption

Light earthy smell

Little to none


Smell After Consumption

Very light earthy smell


Lingers and noticeable

Remaining After Consumption

Decarbed Cannabis



How long until effects start

0 - 15 Minutes

15 Minutes - 2 Hours

0 - 15 Minutes

Length of effects

1 - 3 Hours

4 - 6 Hours

1 - 3 Hours