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Vaporizers are revolutionary devices, there is no denying it. The technology and engineering that goes into them makes them nothing short of a miracle solution. However just like any machine, they come with replaceable parts, and they require some form of maintenance.

There is nothing worse than discovering you are running out of screens or mouthpieces, making your vaporizer useless until you can buy more. Spares like those aren’t always easy to find in a shop nearby, especially those that specialize in the model you have.

This is why we have vaporizer Wear & Tear sets, which include all the parts you need to keep your vaporizer working its best. No need to scour the whole internet to find the spare parts you need, we have them prepared and ready for you, all in the one neat package.

Our vaporizer wear and tear sets include the right screens and also come along with the right seals, and the appropriate cleaning devices, so you can keep your vaporizer up-to-date, clean and functional.

Browse our selection of Wear & Tear sets, including Storz & Bickels’ Volcano parts and Mighty vaporizer consumables. Don’t run into a situation where you cannot use your vaporizer, find the right set to keep your device in a working condition for the best vaping experience you can get.

Buy your weed vaporizer Wear & Tear set before your vaporizer runs out of consumables, to ensure you don’t run into a situation where you cannot use it. Think ahead of time and your favorite vaporizer will thank you, along with bringing you the peace of mind that you have everything you need for the times to come.

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