All About Edibles

Prepackaged edibles may be off-limits for some people because of allergies or intolerances. Cross-contamination with nuts, eggs, peanuts or wheat can be disastrous for those affected. By using your own ingredients you can be sure that the recipe is allergen-free and safe for you to eat.

There are several ways to make edibles at home. We recommend infusing oil or butter using the Waterton Lakes kit. That oil is then useful in your preferred recipes and in the quantities you like.

Our Thousand Island gummy making kit is an easy way to get started on delicious cannabis candies with oil you purchased or made at home!

The biggest benefit of making edibles at home is that you can control the dose and potency of the cannabis you use. You decide how much infused oil or butter to include in your recipe. Remember, with edibles, always start low and go slow.

You can also make a great topical balm with the Waterton Lakes kit. By adding beeswax to your infused oil, you can create your very own salve.

Whether it’s through edibles, smoking, or using a portable vaporizer, we hope you find your way to a great cannabis experience and that you make the most of it. Through some forethought and planning in the ways we outlined above, you’re sure to get there. Make your cannabis consumption experience joyful, safe, and peaceful.

Waterton Lakes Park kit Thousand Islands Park kit

What can you make?

Infused cannabis oil that can be used in recipes or topicals

Gummy candy

How many uses?


4 (Refills available)

Prep time

About 10 minutes for infusion

About 15 minutes plus 24 hours to set

Cannabis needed

Ground dry cannabis flowers

Infused cannabis oil




Complete kit with accessories