420Way.ca Do-It-Yourself Cannabis Infuser for Stovetop Takes Just 10 Mins
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420Way.ca Do-It-Yourself Cannabis Infuser for Stovetop Takes Just 10 Mins

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Cannabis infusions are a great way to incorporate the flavor and active ingredients of cannabis with another substance, in this case with oil. Marijuana-infused oils will have many of the great properties of cannabis and can be used as key ingredients for many cooking and baking recipes.

Since most cannabinoids do not dissolve in water, infusing marijuana with oil and fat is one of the best ways to absorb and retain THC, along with the flavor of your weed of choice.

The difference between cannabis concentrates /extracts and cannabis infusions is that infusions will dilute the taste and properties of cannabis rather than concentrating it, making infusions a great way to cook with cannabis rather than concentrated consumables.

420Way's Stovetop Cannabis Infuser allows you to make your infused oils quick and easy. Its stainless-steel construction makes it easy to clean and its solid build quality means your cannabis infuser will last for the years to come.

Our Stovetop Cannabis Infuser is also featured in our Waterton Lakes Park Kit, where you will be able to create your  cannabis edibles with all the cooking accessories you need. 420Way's Stovetop Cannabis Infuser includes our PDF cookbook with delicious infusion recipes!

Buy your Stovetop Cannabis Infuser today, and start infusing your oils with all the flavor and goodness of your favorite marijuana strains.