Cali Crusher Cali Soft Case - Large - 420Way

Cali Crusher Soft Case - Large

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The Cali Soft Case keeps all of your gear guarded from prying eyes and offers a robust storage solution. Coming with a combination lock, these sleek cases provide a safe and 100% smell proof option. Each case has removable Velcro dividers and mesh pockets, so you can find the best way to store all of your equipment. Our soft cases have been carefully engineered and fuse all the safe storage benefits together. Travel with the best companion that won’t let you down.  


  • 100% Smell Proof - Activated Carbon
  • Weather Resistant Materials
  • Combination Lock for Maximum Protection
  • 3 Velcro dividers creating 4 compartments
  • 4 mesh storage pockets
  • 2 handles for easy travel
  • 9in x 7in x 3.5in